1-2-1 & Small Group Personal Training

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No matter if you are already certain personal training is the best fit option for you, we can discuss this and other options within our free consultation process. 


It gives you the chance to see the facility, meet the head coach and learn more about what the unique Bodytrack PT experience has to offer.

ALL about you (and your group)

Our group training classes provide an envied training environment for our Bodytrackers to immerse themselves within for their results, but truth is, some people just work better alone, or within their own tight knit group. Whether you're a lone wolf or have a close pack you would like to train within, we can do that.

Our PT packages are designed around YOU and the vision you hold for yourself. We make that become reality by regular interaction online, face to face and phone. You will be the centre of attention to keep you consistent and committed to your task. We have 1-2-1 and up to 1-2-4 persons options available, with significant savings made per person as the group size increases. 

Better yet, we GUARANTEE your results.

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Spaces Are Limited

But do not dally my friend, because as you can tell from our broad range of classes we are already dedicated to, availability is limited.